Add your ideas

There are 4 ways to submit your ideas on what THIS PARKING SPACE COULD BE:

1. Write or draw directly on one of the posted signs.

  • Simple. Walk by one of the posted Park(ing) signs and scribble down an idea.

2. Tweet your idea to @Park_ingOttawa.

  • Compose a tweet to @Park_ingOttawa, OR
  • Tweet a photo of ideas written on one of the posted Park(ing) signs.

Note: Signs posted by Park_ing Ottawa will have a #location_code for easy reference to specific sites. User posted signs may or may not.

3. Add your idea to one of the Park_ingOttawa Google Map sign locations.

  • Visit the Google Map by clicking the link above.
  • Click on the red “Edit” button on the left.
  • Click on a site you would like to add your idea to.
  • Add your idea in the text box. And click OK at the bottom of the text box.
  • Click the “Done” button on the left when finished.

Note: The Google map is currently set to open collaboration so anyone may contribute. Please be respectful of the contributions made by other participants and take care to not remove any existing content.

4. Add a comment to the “Add Ideas” page.

  • Click the link above to go to the Your Ideas page.
  • Add your idea by commenting at the bottom of the page.

Park_ingOttawa is dedicated to open dialogue and free exchange of ideas. Submitted ideas may, however, be moderated for offensive and/or distasteful content. Please be respectful.

Be creative. Be practical. Be silly. Be innovative.
All ideas are welcomed.
Words. Pictures. Drawings.


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