On-street bicycle corrals

This is one of those times when I thought I had a clever idea and was elated to see it’s not just me. Though it makes me wonder why I haven’t heard more about it. Many municipalities and cities around the world are recognizing the value of this alternative usage of public street space. Bicycle corrals can be found in Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal, New York, Portland, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Melbourne, Brussels, to name but a few.

Some of the benefits of reclaiming a car parking space for bicycle parking:

  • An average on-street parking space can provide parking for 10-14 bicycles.
  • Gives visibility and respect to cycling and an equitable share of the road and infrastructure.
  • Moves bicycle parking off the sidewalks which provides more comfortable space for pedestrians.
  • Providing proper facilities for bicycle parking encourages cycling which assists in decreasing traffic congestion.
  • Can create positive economical impact on local businesses by providing parking to more people.

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