Park_ingOttawa Signs Up

The first 10 Park(ing) signs are now up around Centretown and the Market! (10 more coming soon)

One of the first Park(ing) signs posted. At the corner of Elgin and Frank in Centretown.

Time to get thinking Ottawa. Let everyone know how you think public space could be used for something more interesting, more productive, more friendly, more inviting, more sustainable, more beautiful, more useful, more anything than a parked car.

The standard on-street parking spot is 2.75×7.25m (9’x24′) and Ottawa has 3,938 paid on-street parking spaces and significantly more unpaid spaces. That is a lot of space to play with. Your idea could be for one space. Your idea could be for multiple spaces.

Be creative. Be practical. Be silly. Be innovative.
All ideas are welcomed.
Words. Pictures. Drawings.

You can contribute ideas by writing or drawing directly on one of the Park(ing) signs or tweet your idea to @Park_ingOttawa.

Haven’t seen a Park(ing) sign? Check out the Park_ingOttawa Google map. Don’t want to travel downtown but want to contribute? Why not download, print, and post a sign on your street or in your neighbourhood?


One response to “Park_ingOttawa Signs Up

  1. I don’t know how they work but what about solar panels set in the pavement. Then when the space isn’t actually occupied it could be charging batteries to supply power for little animatronic displays.

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