Feature Site: #CT01-03 Elgin Street

Elgin Street, between Lisgar and Gladstone*, is one of Ottawa’s most busy and energetic streets. The many bars, pubs, cafés and restaurants make it a popular destination to meet friends and have a good time. But the many many pedestrians that walk this stretch will all agree: the sidewalks are miserable.

This stretch of Elgin has on-street parking lining both sides of the street. Pedestrians are boxed-in between buildings and parked cars almost the entire length. The sidewalks are narrow, uneven, cracked, and filled with obstacles and clutter including: telephone poles, lamp posts, parking meters, parking signs, news paper boxes, bike racks, etc. Get stuck behind a stroller or couple and you might be in for a very slow walk unable to pass until the next intersection.

Why should parked cars get such a huge share of this public space and infrastructure?

What if Elgin were redesigned to be more pedestrian and bike friendly?

What would that look like?


submit your ideas in the comments below or on twitter #CT01 (Elgin and Frank), #CT02 (Elgin and MacLaren), #CT03 (Elgin and Lisgar)

*North of Lisgar, Elgin has a distinctive and sometimes iconic civic and business character. South of Gladstone becomes primarily residential but also includes the Museum of Nature and Police Headquarters. Also very interesting areas to consider but not the focus of this feature site.


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