Birdhouse/Maison d’oiseau

This anonymous doodle and bilingual suggestion left on the Park(ing) sign on O’Connor and Somerset reminded me of the Sarah Sze sculpture on New York’s High Line. The piece is called Still Life with Landscape (Model for a Habitat).

Sze created an elaborate metropolis of perspectival architectural models that are bisected by the High Line path itself. The sculpture forms an open gateway that visually frames the views to the north and south, as well as allows park visitors to physically enter and pass through the space it outlines. The architecture, complex and dynamic, acts as a bird, butterfly and insect observatory, with perches, feeding spots and birdbaths throughout.

It’s a beautiful combination of public sculpture and nature. Much nicer to stroll past than a parked car!

Photo by Sarah Gelbard, 2011


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